Meet Our Counsellor



Areas of Focus:

. Anxiety, depression and stress
. Complex trauma nd PTSD
. Self-esteem and self worth
. Boundary setting 
. Relationships and conflict management 
. Grief and pain 



I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with good standing with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). My registration number is 17580.

Unlike other professions, it is important to have a therapeutic relationship with your counsellor. Research suggests that 70-80% of success in therapy comes from the professional relationship you have with your therapist.

I understand how awkward or uncomfortable it may be for many to see a counsellor. Counsellors also go to therapy so we can grow and heal, and so we can help our clients better. Therefore, I know how intimidating it can be. I understand that a flower does not bloom in a dark room, and that is why I work on shaping a safe environment with you so you can also grow. That is the reason I make it my goal to create a strong therapeutic relationship with you by being genuine, supporting, non-judgmental, open-minded, hopeful, and empathetic.

I make counselling about you and we work together to reach your therapeutic goals in an emotionally and mentally safe environment.



Areas of Focus:

. Anxiety, depression and stress
. Youth and children
. Sexual abuse and trauma
. Trauma and PTSD
. Relationship and family counselling



I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor who holds a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. I started my work within the social services field 8+ years ago, when I completed my Bachelors in Psychology and started volunteering at the Fraser Health Crisis Line. The evident needs of people in our community made me realize that I wanted to do more, which led me to become a Crisis Support worker and Mental Health worker in the Lower Mainland. After 4 years of supporting people in our communities through social encouragement, connecting them to resources, and assisting them through life changes, I realized that I wanted to assist my clients at a greater level. At this point, I decided to take on the Masters of Counselling Psychology program and have been practicing as a Registered Clinical Counsellor since.

Over the years, I have worked with individuals of all ages from multiple diverse backgrounds. I have experience working with clients managing symptoms of acute stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, relationship and family conflict, self-identity conflict, body image issues, eating disorder, borderline personality disorder, and LGBTQ2S+ challenges. I practice from an integrative perspective, where depending on the client’s needs, I might use the following modalities: Person-centered, Cognitive behavioural, Emotion-Focused, Solution-focused, Trauma Informed therapy, Adlerian, and Play / Art therapy. It is my privilege to support others through their journey of creating change and achieving personal growth in their daily lives.

Get to know your therapist

It may help to get to know me a little bit. I grew up in Surrey, British Columbia and started volunteering and working for mental health and social service organizations early on in my life. I was naturally drawn to this profession, and I understand what pain, loneliness, and trauma feels like. I made it my mission to educate myself so that others can feel hopeful about their healing. Over the years, I’ve worked with diverse populations: children, youth, young adults, adults, elderly, people with disabilities, and various ethnic populations. I also have experience working with people who experience symptoms of acute stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, substance abuse, and borderline personality disorder.

My own life and work experiences encouraged me to learn more about mental health and how I can help people who experience loss, pain, stress, and trauma. I pursued my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and further obtained my Masters of Counselling Psychology degree to learn how to help my community members. I am always learning and educating myself on new therapeutic techniques and treatments so I can help others. Although I had my own experiences around counselling and in life, I acknowledge that your experiences are unique. That is why I work with you to reach your own counselling goals.

— Manpreet


I am Unique

My service is unique because I am my genuine self in therapy. I bring my natural empathy, knowledge, and skill set I developed through my education and experience into our therapy sessions. I value the therapeutic connection I have with you and use research-based therapy models to facilitate growth. I make therapy about you and I ensure that I facilitate a welcoming environment for you to feel safe to strengthen your mental health.

​Many of my clients valued my work because I was genuine and was easy to trust and connect with. They saw improvements in their self-esteem and overall happiness and well-being. I am looking forward to supporting you as well.


— Manpreet



Lambert, M. J., & Barley, D. E. (2001). Research summary on the therapeutic relationship and psychotherapy outcome.

Psychotherapy: Theory, research, practice, training, 38(4), 357.


"There’s a lot of counsellors/ therapists out there that do the bare minimum; they listen, they give feedback or advice. But Manpreet goes WAY above and beyond that!! She creates a safe, judgement-free space where it's easy to be honest and open. She educates you on mental health in an easy-to-understand way so you can understand the science behind your mental health struggles. She provides amazing resources so you can continue working on your mental health even when you’re not at an appointment. She’s super flexible and receptive to your needs. Also If you are a part of the Punjabi/South Asian community, she is culturally sensitive to your experiences which is amazing and super hard to find! Overall, she is an amazing, out-of-this world counsellor. You can also tell that she’s just a caring, kind, and awesome person in general too. I could straight up give a bajillion stars if I could !!!"

"Since I've been seeing Manpreet I feel like there is a progress going on in my life because before I was depressed and sad, but when I met Manpreet she helped me a lot helped me dearly I highly recommend."

"I feel great when I leave there. Emotionally drained, heavy, full, but great."

"A few months ago, my mental health declined incredibly after getting into a car accident. I started seeing Manpreet and things slowly started getting better. Her style of support is very empowering and insightful. Not only has she supported me, but she's taught me a lot of skills to use in my day to day life making my life 10 times better. She's amazing. I can confidently say she has helped me learn about myself quite a bit and my mental health has gotten a lot better, and continues to after every session I have with her."

"Manpreet has helped me tremendously over the past couple of months. She has provided me with valuable support, guidance, and strategies and most importantly understanding during my most vulnerable times.

She truly cares about your emotional well-being and utilizes a variety of different therapies to help you overcome your issues. I have noticed a positive improvement in my emotional and mental health, as a result of therapy with Manpreet."

"Manpreet has helped me tremendously over the past couple of months. She has provided me with valuable support, guidance, and strategies and most importantly understanding during my most vulnerable times.

She truly cares about your emotional well-being and utilizes a variety of different therapies to help you overcome your issues. I have noticed a positive improvement in my emotional and mental health, as a result of therapy with Manpreet."

"I've been going to Revival Counselling for almost 2 months now and it's been great. I got super comfortable with Manpreet and her space within 2 sessions and she made me feel very comfortable. I was able to see results after 3 sessions. I started having an open and positive mindset, I've started thinking about my emotions and why I feel a certain way. I've felt very guilty during certain situations which allowed people who were close to me treat me a certain way and made me feel a certain way but, after a few sessions with Manpreet I was able to stand up for myself and not feel guilty about certain decisions I made because someone wasn't happy with it. Overall, I recommend going to Manpreet. Even though I'm in a better place now and seeing great results, I continue seeing her once a week to focus on my mental health."

"There's really not much I can say about Manpreet in regards to constructive feedback. I wish I had met her much earlier on because she really changed the way I thought about therapy and counselors. It's been an amazing and of course at times hard experience but she is very comforting and not once have I felt like I am going through my struggles alone. I've enjoyed our video appointments, and somehow she makes me feel comfortable in my own skin.

The way Manpreet carries herself in sessions makes me feel like I'm talking to a friend, someone I've known for long and can trust. Not only have I noticed the positive differences she's made in my life but so have others around me."

"I absolutely recommend Revival Counselling. I am finally making real progress and feeling more and more like myself. She creates a safe and comfortable space (even during Covid) for everyone and has been helping me with EMDR therapy, and just genuinely being kind and validating. It's been incredibly helpful for the short time I've been seeing her."

"Manpreet is genuine and easy to trust. She creates a welcoming environment which makes it easy to connect with her. I highly recommend her!"

"Manpreet is always so gentle and kind, pushes you just enough out of your comfort zone to get to the root of something, but is always willing to take a step back if needed."

"Manpreet is a phenomenal thought partner and I am grateful that she is a part of my journey."

"So comfortable with Manpreet, we clicked instantly and the EMDR sessions are well worth it.  Would highly recommend!"

"I was struggling to find a counsellor near me and I was tired of talk therapy.  Having Manpreet as my counsellor has been amazing.  We have been doing EMDR and it's been super successful and amazing.  I'm so glad to have Manpreet as a counsellor, and I'm glad she's supporting me on this healing journey."