ICBC Counselling for Motor Vehicle Accidents

ICBC counselling is offered to anyone who has experienced a motor vehicle accident.  You are usually offered 12 pre-approved counselling sessions covered by ICBC.  This blog entry can help you understand the process of gaining ICBC counselling support.  This blog can outline some of the benefits of ICBC counselling for motor vehicle accidents.

Approval for ICBC Counselling

Firstly, connect to your ICBC adjuster for more information regarding your pre-approved ICBC counselling sessions.  Often times, most people are offered 12 free sessions to gain ICBC counselling for a motor vehicle accident.  You can choose any counsellor who is an approved ICBC vendor to gain ICBC counselling for a motor vehicle accident.  You can click on this link called “Free 15 Minute Consultations” to learn how to book a free consultation with a counsellor to see if they are the right therapist or counsellor for you.  Then, you can book your first ICBC counselling appointment with your counsellor.

Benefits of ICBC Counselling

You can benefit from ICBC counselling for motor vehicle accidents.  Many people experience trauma from a motor vehicle accident.  As a victim of a motor vehicle accident, you can connect with an ICBC counsellor to process your motor vehicle accident related trauma and start ICBC counselling. You may notice changes to your quality of life, physical health and mental health. We can help you can start ICBC counselling right away to prevent the onset of these consequences.

Some of the consequences from avoiding ICBC counselling include:

  • increase in physical pain
  • symptoms of depression
  • low self-esteem
  • irritability
  • thoughts of dying
  • anxiety
  • poor work performance
  • poor school performance
  • headaches or migraines
  • poor pain management

We can recover faster from a motor vehicle accident after gaining consistent ICBC counselling support.

Extension for ICBC Counselling for Motor Vehicle Accidents

ICBC counsellors can also extend ICBC counselling if you feel like you have not fully recovered.  Please speak to your ICBC counsellor who you are working with to overcome your motor vehicle accident trauma to learn more.  The counsellor may need to write an ICBC counselling progress report.  This report helps showcase your progress and some components that need some work.  The ICBC counsellor needs to gain your written consent before sharing any of this information with ICBC, if applicable.